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Our Parent Meetings are free to EVERYONE – even if you go elsewhere. THEY ARE INTERESTING AND ENJOYABLE. You owe it to your financial future to come and see why you and your teenager are at risk.

We will hold a Parent Meeting to answer any questions you may have concerning our teaching style, credentials, and experiences. We will cover the Graduated Licensing process, accident avoidance, and how new laws will apply to your new driver. We will also go over how you as parents can help your son or daughter become a better driver.

Attending this class will meet the requirement to REDUCE the number of hours that students need to drive with a parent from 50, to 40 hours.

I would highly recommend the Teens Inc Parent Class to anyone! It is wonderfully informative and answered all my questions. Driving is one of the most important skills my child will learn and I feel I am better suited to teach him how to be a safe driver.

Ann, Parent

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