Blue Slip:   $55
Once you are registered, we will send you a blue slip so you can take the permit test.  You don’t have to pay for BTW lessons until you schedule them.  We suggest at least 15-20 hours of practice before your first lesson.

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PLEASE READ-- FAQ'S about Behind-The-Wheel Scheduling --PLEASE READ

1. We suggest at least 1 month (15 hours) of practice before the first lesson and between lessons. The first lesson must be scheduled within the first 4 months a student has held their permit (fee may apply.) You don't need to pay for the BTW lessons until you schedule them.

2. Each student will have three private, one on one lessons that are each two hours long.


4. DO NOT WAIT until the last minute to schedule the B-T-W lessons. Plan ahead for sports or other after school activities so the student will be able to take their road test as soon as they want to do so. Spring and Summer are the BUSIEST time for BTW. DO NOT WAIT until spring and summer to cram in all BTW lessons.

5. The only way a student will learn to be a safe driver is by driving. The law requires that parents must log a minimum of 50 hours of practice time with their child.

6. When a student has completed all three lessons, they will receive a "Completion Card." They will need to bring this "white slip" and their permit with them to the testing station in order to take their road test. It is best to make an appointment in advance for the road test to avoid waiting in long lines.

7. A student's contract with Teens Driving School Inc. EXPIRES two years from the date you complete this form. You do not need a Blue Slip if you are 18 or over.